Since time immemorial, when humans began to evolve, they developed an ability to communicate and let's face it, over time,  gossip.  Their "need" to present that information, combined with emotion and thought, also gave rise to embellishing their pre-historic outbursts with tones and noises. One wonders if the early genre's were "Grunt", "Stoners"..(wait..!), "Cave" and so on...


Songs nowadays are beautiful, personal, yet universally emotional, intelligent creations welcomed by those who find resonance with whatever genre, style, emotional content and/or message they may contain. It's been said that poetry is there for those who need it.  Music is the same and song is no exception. It gives comfort not only to the listener, but it can be a cathartic experience for the writer, if not a form of self therapy.  Some would say it's spiritual, some say we tap into something greater than ourselves, in the great "Collective Unconscious". Whatever the reason, we do it for the love of doing it. The need to create a song and/or music and share it and connect with other Homo-Sapiens (and perhaps some share with animals and/or trees !!), is as mysterious as life itself.

We write not just for therapy though, it's deeper than that.  Singing, Tones, Music are all known to have been used as healing and social bonding mechanisms in ancient cultures (they still are),  but there is a drive which songwriters (and composer) have. so that their inner voice can be heard, and sometimes,  that can be a painful journey, as we all know.  It's not an easy ride, that's for sure. Yes. some hit songwriters signed as in-house writers can write in collabs, writing teams etc and appear to have great success and their output (with ease soem may think), which might be too generic for some people, but nothing in life comes easy. We all write from experience in one way or another. Even hit songwriters use their life experience as a reference.  No pain, no gain, as they say. And it's a known, that some songwriters have gone out their way to become embroiled in emotional situations (bad love), knowing there is an outcome to be mined ! Some I'm sure, have pre-empted circumstances to be then shoveled out onto a page.  Some, if not most, endure what life throws at them, some don't endure, sadly. Its a hard rain and it does fall....

Songwriters and composers all have different ways of working, different methods to bring about a song or music in their chosen genre/s, styles.  Our interviews here, demonstrate that, but they also show a universality with songwriters. They all write because they love to write songs. They do it guessed it, they're songwriters ! 

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David Latto
Liv Dawn
Zac Scott
Katee Kross
Lewis McLaughlin
Lisa Kowalski
Connor Fyfe
Nicola Evans
Martha L Healy
Evelyn Laurie
Elaine Lennon
Hugh Kelly
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