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Owen Devlin

Owen Devlin – Composer, Guitarist, Songwriter

Glasgow composer Owen Devlin chats to us about his music career, film & brand projects and his new releases. ​Owen’s work has been featured on numerous Indie Films over the past five years or so and also some high profile Brand campaigns on TV and/or online i.e. (The National Trust for Scotland 2016 TV ad, shown on […]

Jeff Bernstein

Jeff Bernstein – Composer – Orchestral

Like many great Film/TV composers of our time, their musical journey began in Pop & Rock bands when they were a little younger. Fife composer Jeff Bernstein is no exception. Jeff began playing saxophone at school, but had a real desire to play piano. After some piano lessons, which helped with theory, he went onto […]

Malcolm Lindsay

Malcolm Lindsay – Composer / Producer

Malcolm is an established Classical and also an award winning Film/TV composer from Fife. He composes predominantly for Film & TV, the latter in Drama & Documentary. His most notable work was for “Harry Price – Ghost Hunter”, “Whitechapel – Series II”, “Unforgiven”, “Michael Palin & The Mystery of the Hammershoi”, to name but a […]

Shona Dryburgh

Shona Dryburgh – Composer – Piano / Orchestral

They say that what we endure in life, comes out in our music. Like many a great master before her, the great depth, the meaning and the feeling imbued in Shona’s work only affirms that sentiment. ​ With a delicate empathy for the wounded and the emotionally slain, Shona’s piano and orchestral pieces are awash […]

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